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Renewed Faith in the Celebrity Sighting

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I never thought myself a candidate for “being over” celebrity sightings here in LA. But the fact is, while it’s a fun little game to see someone and confirm that it’s them… It wears off in seconds once you realize that the “Celebrities: They’re just like us!” feature in your favorite tabloid kind of has a point.

I mean, on Mad Men, Jon Hamm got me all sorts of bothered… In his suits, with his hair slicked over, and his serious face… Mmmmm. And then I saw him in person… twice… ice skating. Not only was it not exciting, it sapped my daydreams of their dreaminess. He was so painfully normal outside of a tailored suit. (Don’t get me wrong, he was still good looking, but lacking any of that captivating je-ne-sais-quoi.)

Well my friends, someone has now brought back my faith in the cheap thrill of celebrity sightings:

Dita. Von. Teese.

If you don’t know who she is, then here, let me Google that for you.

So where’d I see her? On an ultra hot day at the flea market…

I was looking down as I walked to avoid the sun in my eyes and saw a white pair of Keds with a yellow and white striped skirt whooshing around the ankles. I automatically scanned upward to take in the rest of the outfit and was already elbowing my mom to look before it even hit me who it was. She was breathtaking before I even identified her.


Just walking past her made me hope to soak in some glamor by osmosis, and to understand the great mystery of how she wasn’t sweating on such a sweaty day. I took this photo while lurking like a creep hoping to walk up and say hi, but someone else was already with her, fangirling pretty hard. My lurking time was up, but we passed her multiple times on our route and she left quite the impression (this was my mom’s first real celebrity sighting).

As if I didn’t already love rhinestones enough, my brush with Dita left me inspired for days, in awe of a woman who lives her brand so thoroughly that it’s petty to label it anything but a bone-deep passion. What would we all be walking around looking like and feeling like if we each had a passion running so thick in our veins?

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  1. I also saw her once and she is just as beautiful as you said. Was standing close enough to see her monogrammed phone case! Her skin is flawless up close.

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