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Two Items to Class Up a Dumpy Apartment Bathtub

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I love my high ceilinged studio, I do. But there are always some caveats to rentalhood. A rather common one is getting stuck with a bathroom setup that you don’t have much wiggle room to redo under your average rental agreement. Earlier in the year, I repainted mine after being blessed by my apartment masters with a shiny resealed sink. I naively thought “This bright white paint and adobe accent wall are going to make my tiny bathroom look like another dimension!” And then…


Huh. Still pretty painfully blah.

After investigating the option of taking off the very hateable shower doors, (THIS blog post was pretty inspiring, if you dare) I decided that I had run out of room in my closet to hide ugly apartment fixtures until move out day (too many vertical blinds in there already).

But I didn’t just resign to feeling wistful every time I see a characterful tiled bathroom…

A friend had recently pointed out the emerging Southwestern vibe of my place (You can take the girl out of Arizona but not the Arizona out of the girl?). I already hoard falsa rugs from the truck stops between LA and Phoenix, but I’ve always had eyes for the beautiful and much more colorful serapes. I just didn’t know where to put something that that was level-ten vibrant…

It was my bathroom that needed the overdose all along!

So it was off to Olvera Street for a blanket to sew into a shower curtain.

But it’s not all about the curtain. I needed yet another distraction from the hideous doors that were still present. So I bought an overbearing pothos to hang over the showerhead. So far it’s been thriving on the humidity and not too troubled by the lack of light. And it’s fun to feel like I’m bathing in a jungle.


A decent amount of bang for only two items, no? $35!

1. When it comes to distracting from a pre-fab bathtub, go bold.
2. Hang the shower curtain high to create the illusion of a taller space.
3. When picking a shower curtain, go for something with texture. It can help a cheap space look quality.
4. Add plants for an outdoor vibe that feels more airy. (Another plant that can survive in a windowless bathroom? Lucky bamboo in a vase of water.)

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