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The Tusk that did the Damage  by Tania James

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The Tusk that did the Damage

The Tusk that did the Damage is a story of the ivory trade told through three points of view. The most captivating of these points of view is almost certainly that of the escaped bull elephant known as The Gravedigger. Telling part of the story directly from the perspective of the elephant was a daring move because it could’ve so easily been a heavy-handed effort to drum up sympathy for only the tormented animal, painting the other perspectives as ill-meaning and cruel. Instead, the perspective of the elephant is well balanced with that of a documentary filmmaker, and a young…

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Quel désastre!

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Please don’t tell my current French instructor that I butchered the language for the purpose of a website! Taking after a different French teacher who consistently blurted “Quel désastre!” or “What a disaster!” when she made mistakes, I started to say it and now blurt it out in exasperation over projects that are full of little disasters… or when I skate a poor program… or as I bump my knees and slip down the last few stairs in my apartment.  But it takes a lot of little disasters (and sometimes big ones) to create anything great, be it a hobby project, a professional piece of…

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