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August 2016

Renewed Faith in the Celebrity Sighting

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I never thought myself a candidate for “being over” celebrity sightings here in LA. But the fact is, while it’s a fun little game to see someone and confirm that it’s them… It wears off in seconds once you realize that the “Celebrities: They’re just like us!” feature in your favorite tabloid kind of has a point. I mean, on Mad Men, Jon Hamm got me all sorts of bothered… In his suits, with his hair slicked over, and his serious face… Mmmmm. And then I saw him in person… twice… ice skating. Not only was it not exciting, it…

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Reminder: A Lot of Chokers are Just Ribbons with Good PR

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Chokers have been baa-aaack for awhile now. (Where’d they go anyway?! They’re the best!) And now they’ve trickled down into all the fastest of fast fashion stores. Yet, I frequently see plain ribbon or string chokers priced at around… $15-20! Wait, what? (Or if you wanna get real crazy, Bartoli sells ribbon chokers for $115 if that’s your jam.) Get thee to a place that sells ribbons and you can have a few foxy, unique chokers for pocket change! Let’s start with the lariat style choker which was one of the first ribbons I saw priced up. These are the…

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