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DIY Flashy Summer Shades

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I pined for some pineapple sunglasses this year, but most of the novelty shapes I found were cheapo party favors for luaus, unfit for day-to-day. Additionally, most of them would’ve shipped from China and arrived here right as summer is winding down. So I took matters into my own hands and you can too! Do you have extra sunglasses lyin’ around? Old ones you don’t wear? I sure did! My sunglasses drawer not only yielded a pair for this project, but was in dire need of a clean out.

Here are the wayfarer style glasses I ended up working with and the fruity “knick knacks” that I purchased to apply: IMG_0987

Miniatures like these can be found in several aisles of your local craft store. Usually there is a jackpot of such items somewhere in the vicinity of the scrapbooking section, which is where I encountered these. (And don’t feel limited to a fruity or summery theme, there are miniatures to suit ALL desires.)

I used some painter’s tape to tack everything in place while I decided on positioning. (Lemons were relegated to the sides because they don’t have any glitter on them. Typical lemon behavior.)

E6000 is my preferred adhesive for plastic-on-plastic projects: IMG_1083

I also had a “helping hand” device to assist me, but it’s not necessary. One could roll up an old towel to leave the glasses open over. I would just recommend keeping an eye on things for the first few minutes after gluing to make sure nothing shifts.

Voila! IMG_0998

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